Why join gym LONDON?
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why join gym LONDON?
A. This is a membership that gives you just the gym with no hidden costs or contracts!  gym LONDON allows you to use just the gym facilities from 19.95 per month.  But even better, if you want to occasionally use other facilities at your gym such as swimming and group exercise, or you want to use another gym that is part of the network, then you can.  All you pay is an additional 3.00 per activity/centre - simple as that! 
Your gym LONDON membership is also a standard membership card with:
  • 30% price reduction on most other activities in any centre in your Home borough
  • Online or telephone booking up to 6 days in advance
Q. Who operates gym LONDON?
A. GLL is a leisure trust which operates 70 leisure centres in 20 London boroughs across London on behalf of the borough councils.  For more information on GLL visit our GLL website
Q. Should I have a gym induction when I join the gym?
A. Our advise is yes. It is important that you know how to use the gym safely and how all equipment works. Our instructors will also help you develop your first exercise programme. You can however, proceed without an induction if you are an experienced gym user. 

Q. When can I use the gym?
A. You can use the gym during scheduled opening hours. These times will vary slightly from centre to centre. Visit the GLL website for specific opening hours and general information at your chosen leisure centre. Admission to the gym is normally not allowed within 30 minutes of closing time.


Q. I am an existing GLL member and wish to join online, can I switch to an online membership?
A. GLL will not be able to transfer existing prepaid members to an online membership. It is strongly advised that you cancel your existing membership first before joining online or you will be charged for both memberships.


Q. Will I be issued with a membership card?
A. Yes. You will be issued with a membership card and number. This will be sent via the post to your registered address within 4 days of joining online. When you have received your card you will need to take it to any leisure centre in your registered borough to be validated and printed. Your photograph will be saved on the membership database and printed on your card as part of this process. Once validated your membership card will be ready to use.

Q. What gyms can I use with my gym LONDON membership card?
A. You can use any GLL operated gym in the scheme. Usage of your 'home' centre is included. However, access to all other GLL gyms is charged at 3.00 per visit.

Q. Am I allowed to use other activities with my gym LONDON membership card?
A. Yes, you can pay for additional activities as and when you wish to use them. Your membership gives you the option to pay a 3.00 top up per visit 'additional activity' fee for the following:

  • Access to additional GLL gyms operating this membership (selected gym is included)
  • Access to swimming and group exercise classes at any GLL leisure centre within the scheme.
  • Your card also acts as a Pay and Play membership for activities other than those mentioned above in the London borough where you are registered. You will receive up to 30% off the non member price for any additional activities.
Q. Can my friends and family use my membership card?
A. No. The card is issued to you (but still owned by us) and your photograph is stored on our database and displayed at point of entry. If you allow someone else to use your card we will be forced to cancel your membership.
Q. What if I lose my membership card?
A. In the event of losing your membership card, please contact the Web Support Centre at as soon as possible. A replacement card will be issued and a small administration charge will be made.
Q. Are there any health risks in using the gym?
A. Regular exercise is good for you, but you need to build up steadily. We advise that any new users of gyms discuss their intentions with their doctor first. You must ensure you are fit enough to undertake any activity.
Q. Why do I have to pay more than the monthly fee when I first join?
A. When you join you must pay the activation fee, pro rata payment and a month in advance. The pro rata payment covers the cost of your membership until the date of your first direct debit. The advance payment covers the given notice period for cancellation.
Q. Who do I contact if I want to speak to someone for more information?
A. Email cust...@gll.org with any queries you may have on gym LONDON membership.